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Maryland Divorce Mediation
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Serving Baltimore, Maryland and Surrounding Counties

Divorce Mediation provides a private, confidential and affordable way to resolve your family law issues. Maryland Divorce Mediation and Legal Services offers mediation and separation agreements relating to legal separation, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, visitation, health insurance, the family home, distribution of property and debts. Your Maryland Attorney Mediator, Nancy Caplan, Esquire, will act as the neutral manager of your cost-effective negotiations to arrive at fair, practical separation and property settlement agreements without the high cost or constant threat of going to court. Mediation has been used successfully by thousands of families hoping to resolve difficult crisis situations in a non-adversarial, reasonable manner. During these trying economic times in our country and in the State of Maryland, family law mediation with an experienced Attorney - Mediator should be seriously considered before embarking upon adversarial litigation or attorney-driven negotiations.


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